High Fidelity Web AudioNodes

The Web SDK is currently in BETA, and is subject to change. Some features may not function correctly, or may be removed in future versions of the software.


HifiAudioNodes provides several WebAudio compatible nodes.

WebAudio Nodes

Start by creating an AudioContext with a sampleRate of 48000.

Call setupHRTF to load needed WASM modules.

Once setupHRTF is done, HRTFInputs can be created, as needed. Each HRTFInput should be connected to the singleton HRTFOutput node. The position (relative to the Listener) of an HRTFInput can be set with setPosition.


This library modifies RTCPeerConnections so they are created with encodedInsertableStreams set to true. If setupHRTF is called with a non-null setRemoteSourcePositionUpdate parameter, metadata is enabled. The 2D position of local audio-sources will be combined with transmitted audio data, and audio data from remote sources will contain their respective positions.

To connect the metadata encoders and decoders call setupSenderMetadata on any RTCRtpSenders created, and call setupReceiverMetadata on any RTCRtpReceivers. To transmit the position of the local listener, call setPosition. When the position of a remote source changes, the function given to setupHRTF is called-back.

Use shutdownHRTF to clean up.





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